Making Excuses for Christianity

Christianity becomes more and more sickening every day. One of the main reasons this virus has thrived as long as it has is the rationalizing and the making of excuses by most of its followers. The latest I heard is "you can't blame the Christian "God" for what his followers do." THIS IS A TOTAL LIE! This is the excuse of the uneducated cop out.

Each time a priest says mass, he invokes the Nazarene. The "body and blood" of the Nazarene are also symbolized in the communion host and the wine. The congregation also invokes the Nazarene, but on a much lesser level. Look at what they do. There are many well-meaning individuals who come of age and enroll in the Christian seminary to enter the clergy. Through ignorance and deception, they believe they are doing the right thing. We can all see what becomes of them. There is a big difference between who they were when they went in and what they had become after being steeped in Christianity. Many are pedophiles and criminals.

The effects of years of invoking the Nazarene are apparent: child molesting, preaching lies, confusion, and exploiting their congregations; the inquisitors who mass murdered millions of their fellow human beings through torture; endless extortion and other criminal means of obtaining money, intolerance, hatred, resentment and an overall anti-life attitude. Elderly followers have been bilked out of their life savings and the lives of billions have been ruined.

Many fools attempt to twist the Christian Bible and its teachings to suit their own purposes. They are too weak to stand against it and see it for what it really is. They are afraid of going against the herd. They can't look at it for what it really reads. Then all these fools never agree with each other and wars begin over this degenerate anti-human, anti-life filth. Because the Christian Bible is a compilation of stolen legends, Jewish invented characters and other twisted and altered writings, there are enough contradictions to where one can use it to adapt to any situation, no different from the The Ubiquitous Nazarene.

Every single person I have ever known or heard of that has evoked angelic beings has met with misfortune to say the least. These angelic beings, like their “God,” have an insatiable and relentless hatred of humanity. They are always bringers of bad news/omens and destructive prophesy.
They prey on and bring death to little children. They also refuse to relate any real knowledge to humans, unlike Demons who are friendly and open with enlightening humans.

True spirituality is always here for us Satanists and we don't have to go to any elaborate practices to tap into the spirit world. The spirits come to us freely. When someone has to go to the lengths to contact the spirits, there is a real problem.


Exposing Christianity

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