For the Love of Satan

Last night, I was working on some Demonic sigils, making larger copies by hand for a project. After a while of working on these [it wasn't easy] I began to notice much positive energy and that the sigils gave me an elated feeling. It was 2 am and I was tired. This surprised me.

Than I began thinking of all of the lies that have been forcibly pushed upon people and how Satanism has been so suppressed. [The Jews are supremacists and feel they have the right to be “God” and to tell Gentiles what they should think, how they should live what they can and cannot believe so that Gentiles become subjugated slaves.]

There is so much spiritual beauty and bliss in Satanism. The closer we become to Father Satan, we find how positive and wonderful he is. Many times, he has filled me with extreme joy.

There is nothing wrong with making Father Satan the center of our lives, if we choose to do so. Becoming close to him, for me, has been an experience beyond words. Each and every day he fills my spirit with strength and joy.

I am proud to be a Satanist. Within the "religiousness" of Satanism, is where we find inner freedom and liberation. The closer we become to Satan, we find that we fear nothing. People fear because of a lack of knowledge, and from being indoctrinated and programmed with Jewish lies. Satan gives us knowledge.

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