Sermon on Halloween

Halloween *is* Satan's Holiday. People dress up in costumes, use their personal creativity, go to parties, indulge in treats and candy, watch scary movies and have an over-all great time. Halloween is the only major holiday that has not been hijacked and infested with the Nazarene.

In contrast to Xmas, which was hijacked and corrupted from the Pagan Yule Season, the negative influence of the Nazarene taints this holiday with death. The numbers of suicides top those in contrast to the rest of the rest of the year. Xmas would be completely miserable if it were not for Santa Claus, Yule trees, gift giving and New Year's partying. The Nazarene casts a rotten pall of ugliness over the entire holiday. How many of those Christians would rather stay home than have to go to their churches like the spiritual slaves that they are? In truth, everything connected with the Nazarene is very negative and draining.

Halloween is fun because it has no place for the Nazarene.

Everything connected with Father Satan is fun and positive.

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