The occult sections in most bookstores are full of misinformation and lies. If we are open enough, Satan and the Demons who are the Original Gods will teach us. The key is to have an open mind, and to put aside all past programming. Satanic “prayer” is when we communicate, silence is when we listen. After I “pray,” I remain quiet and open. Answers come in the form of ideas, intuition, coincidences, and opportunities.

If your third eye is fully open, you will be able to see Demons as they speak. There is no need to go through the procedures of a formal summoning. The closer you get to Satan; Demons will come to you on their own. This is beautiful, as they are our teachers and our friends. What has been written in the grimoires sickens me. Like everything else the enemy has been into, these writings show one how to destroy true spirituality. You don't ever disrespect or show arrogance to your teachers. This is one of the greatest opportunities to learn, that is offered to us, and is sacred.

If you ever summon a Demon, there is no need for a "license to depart." Let them come to you, teach you, and guide you. Never waste their time. Put the learning into action to better yourself. We can do our Demons friends a favor, by fighting against spiritual ignorance and stupidity. Let others who are misguided by popular occult book garbage know how wrong this is if you ever run across them or see posts on the internet. I always speak up.

Much of what I have learned has been through experience. There is nothing like experience. Books that are properly written can only be a guide. The biggest obstacle in learning is what you already assume or have been taught to assume. Look at things the way they are, much knowledge is in front of our faces, we just don't see it, because we've been taught not to.

When we make friends with the Demons, many things in our lives are taken care of, without the asking like justice for instance.

For centuries, humanity has been closed off from spiritual help because of the enemy religions. We have remained spiritually ignorant and in the dark.

The Demons have waited in silence. The time has come to aggressively dispel all of the ignorance and helplessness that have enslaved us for so long. When humanity bridges the gap with ancient spiritual knowledge, the human race will progress as a whole.

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