Life can get very lonely for the elderly, those who are serving prison sentences, and others who are isolated in some way. One only needs to look at a nursing home to see how the enemy alien god has abandoned his people.

When we are with Father Satan, he sends us Demon friends who will befriend us and look out for us. Relationships can be spiritual, physical, for friendship, or for whatever one needs.

My mother, who is very old, has a Demon friend who gives her important advice, acts as a close friend, and is very caring. Her Demon fills her with happiness. This is true spirituality. Meditation and study keep her mind active and she has a happy life.

Those who are without are empty and have nothing. They are left on their own. Elders see their friends and family pass away. Many are left all alone in nursing homes or other places of confinement and left to die. Isolation can cause insanity. Having Father Satan and a Demon friend to talk with is a great help to many. Unlike the enemy spirits, our Demon friends answer back, talk to us, and let us know we are important and that they are there for us.

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