Opening the Soul

Opening your soul will open your astral eyes, your astral hearing, your astral touch and other astral senses, along with empowering your soul. Opening the soul will lead you to see the truth and obtain enlightenment. In addition, you will discover many so-called "supernatural" powers within yourself when you empower your chakras. When the chakras are correctly aligned and empowered, the healing of both physical, and mental ailments will often occur miraculously. Please note- some of the mantras have been revised. Once you have completed the exercises listed below, you can repeat them at any time, or as many times as you like. It is best to wait a month after completing these for the first time though, as the effects can manifest intensely days or even weeks later.

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1. Opening the Third Eye - Updated 28/August/2018

2. Opening the 6th Chakra [Updated 28/August/2018]

3. Opening the Crown Chakra - Updated 30/August/2018

4. Opening the Throat Chakra - Updated 30/August/2018

5. Opening the Fourth/Middle Chakra - Updated 30/August/2018

6. Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra - Updated 1/September/2018

7. Opening the Sacral Chakra - Updated 1/September/2018

8. Opening the Base Chakra - Updated 1/September/2018

9. Opening the 8th and 9th Shoulder Chakras

10. Opening the 10th and 11th Chakras Temple Chakras

11. Opening the 12th and 13th Hip Chakras

12. Opening and Empowering the Hand Chakras

13. Opening the Feet Chakras

14. Opening the Minor Chakras
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Azazel who is a Master of Spiritual Alchemy worked with me in detail on each one of these meditations. These meditations are extremely powerful and often, the effects can be felt hours later. It is important to follow instructions and if you are new to power meditation, to go slow. If you have already done the former meditations, it is fine to do these. Quite a few people reported little or no effects from the former meditations that were taken from books. In addition, as of August 2018, quite a few people stated in the e-groups that they were not open enough. I have revised the opening of the chakras with more powerful mantras, and have added an audio Mp3 to hear the correct vibration for each chakra. Please feel free to download any of the Mp3's if you want to keep them. Because the enemy could not completely destroy all spiritual knowledge, much has been deliberately corrupted. The standard mainstream knowledge of the 7 main chakras is corrupt. The "heart" and all references to it is not located in the chest, but in the head, corresponding to the nadis.

It is best to open each chakra as listed by the numbers above. From the top down. There are a certain number of repetitions for each exercise. If you find you are getting over stimulated, it is advised you end the exercise and back off. The exercise can be resumed at a later date while you give your nervous system time to adjust to the increased life force. It is strongly recommended to give yourself a few days or more between each exercise.

People who have problems with seizures/epilepsy, or who are on psychiatric medications should not perform any of these power meditations, with the exception of void meditation, unless given the ok by their physician. They are highly effective in opening the chakras and stimulating the kundalini. These new meditations are filled with Satanic energy. Those who have not dedicated or are outsiders should give this consideration. For dedicated Satanists, the effects should be very positive in opening and empowering the chakras and in increasing personal power. These meditations produce very rapid results. Standard kundalini meditations of the New Age variety can take years to have a pronounced effect. These meditations, like Satanism are the real thing.

Void meditation is highly recommended in order to control the thoughts and mind that will be stimulated by the opening of the chakras.

The meditations are performed with specific vibrations for each chakra. Each vibration is based on the Yogic Humming Breath. With this breath, you inhale to fill your lungs and with the exhale, you vibrate the chant until you are out of breath, then you breathe in and fill your lungs as before.

1. Inhale through your nose, filling your lungs
2. Exhale the vibration for each chakra evenly; one long vibration, this will draw out the exhale
3. Breathe in again and repeat.

Mudras [hand positions] are used as these connect certain circuits within the fingers and redirect the life force to the chakra being opened. Some of these are difficult, especially if your hands are larger. These mudras are helpful, but not necessary. If you find any of these hand positions difficult, just leave them out. It is very important to be comfortable and relaxed.

You should focus on the chakras in the middle of your body. Extensions are along the spine and in the front of the body. Everyone comes to Satanism on different levels. Those of us who empowered our souls in past lives will be much more sensitive to the meditations. This is inborn, but anyone who performs the following exercises will eventually open their chakras.
* From Azazel


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