When people are new to Satanism, one of the first things many want to know is who their Personal/Guardian Demon/ess is. Demons are for spiritual guidance. In time, you will meet your Demon/ess when you are ready. You must open your soul first and practice consistent meditation.

When you have advanced to a certain level in your meditations and this is individual for everyone, you will more than likely make contact with our Gods, who will work with you to advance you further. Patience here is very important.

For those of you who are actively involved in spiritual warfare, even if you are not aware, Demons will be working with you and guiding you. This may not be blatant, but subtle. These can include putting ideas into your mind, certain things falling into place and making things easier for you, and feelings known as intuition. Satanís Demons watch over, protect, and work with all dedicated brothers and sisters who are actively involved in fighting the enemy.
-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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