Satanism is the path of knowledge. The closer we become to Satan, the more he reveals to us and the more we learn. Along with knowledge comes understanding, and we build on the knowledge we have. In the Al Jilwah, Father Satan tells us to keep his secrets; he reveals hidden knowledge to us when we are ready.

Father Satan has given me tests; tests of my faith. I didn't know it at the time, but I passed these tests and my faith is stronger than ever before. For me, these tests involved playing upon fears. At the time, I was afraid, but I continued on, regardless. I chose to have faith in Satan, no matter what. This was a very long time ago.
NOTE 23/February/2015:
There were many things I didnít know or understand when I was new and even some years I was with Satan. Now, there is so much more I understand and know *why* certain things happened in my life the way they did. I also have a much deeper knowledge of spirituality and I know what True Satanism really is.

Satan also states, "When temptation comes, I give my covenant to those who trust in me." Trust is important as is keeping the faith and staying strong in the face of adversity. The rewards are great and priceless.

We all have a free will. When we show Father Satan our dedication to him, he rewards us greatly with deeper spiritual understanding and abilities. It's like passing on to another level where the weak are left behind and the strong remain to continue on. Here is where we learn directly from Satan and his Demons. The answers to some of those tests are now given.

When we reach this level, we can only continue. With the knowledge and enlightenment we have, we will never regress, but continue to grow in both wisdom and ability. Knowledge makes regression impossible. This is where everything ties in and begins to make sense and form a picture.

Each level of Satanism is another revelation in truth and a test where the strong and fearless survive the weak. With knowledge, when we walk through a door, it is permanently slammed shut behind us and the only direction to go is to continue forward.

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