For those of us who are very close to Father Satan, we are all well aware that he is fed up with all of the Judeo/Christian claims and statements concerning what Satanism is about, how we celebrate and worst of all WHAT THEY CLAIM HE IS ALL ABOUT.


For many of us, Halloween is a favorite holiday. I, myself love horror movies and such. The point here is how these have been twisted to portray a false and insulting image of Satan and the Original Gods (Now labeled as "Demons").

Ask yourself how you would feel if people put on hideous masks and went out as either you or a family member of yours or a loved one.

Father Satan should be respected on this date, not mocked by those who believe in and honor whatever Christianity dictates he is. How long do you think someone would last going out dressed as the Nazarene? Chances are, they would be attacked by some fundie Christian.
Or, if Hollywood was to produce a movie depicting the nazarene and his ilk as hideous monsters.

Halloween is a great time for costumes, monsters and ghouls, images of death and such. A time to be creative and indulge. It is one of our major holidays, but the negative images denigrating Father have to go.
He is tired of it and has let the clergy know he does not approve of these insults. For far too long, too many Satanists have gone along with the CHRISTIAN ideas of Satan and his Demons; what the CHRISTIANS allege them to be and what THEY claim our religion is all about, instead of seeing Satan for WHO HE REALLY IS without all of the Christian false and twisted overtones.

The holiday known as "Halloween" was originally called "Samhain" a Celtic word meaning "Summer's End." In ancient times, religions were based upon nature, where humanity lived in tune with the earth, the change of seasons and the changes in the stars in the sky. This is the essence of Satanism; what is natural.

The major cycles of the year and the crops were important times for festivities, rites, and celebrations. Samhain was a time of harvest and the end of a year, a time of preparation; storing crops and preparing for the dead of winter. The eve of November 1st was the eve of the Celtic New Year. This holiday was a time of harvest, a time of endings, death, and dying, as plant life died and the cold set in. Samhain was also a time of honoring the dead. The Druids built huge bonfires, which they considered sacred, in honor of the Celtic New Year.

There was a prevailing belief in the existence of a Celtic God of the dead known as 'Samhain". With extensive research and study accomplished by many scholars, nearly all agree this God was non-existent.
Nearly all of the sources mentioning a deity of death known as "Samhain" are CHRISTIAN and they have (as usual) NO legitimate references to back up their claims.

Samhain was celebrated for centuries before the Christian takeover of Pagan holidays. To the intruding Christian religion, any Gods of the old faith were considered "evil" and therefore especially unwelcome at a time of "danger" for the "soul of any good parishioner." This was why Christians suppressed the deadly rite and replaced it a day later with 'all soul's day.'"

Trick or treating originated in Ireland as beggars went door to door on October 31st, asking for handouts. The gifts were for "Muck Olla" a God who was said to destroy the house of anyone who was not generous. Jack-O-Lanterns also had their origin in Ireland; named for a man named "Jack." The story goes that Jack was a miser and when he died, he was not allowed into heaven and he also played jokes on the Devil, so he was not admitted into Hell either, but was doomed to walk the Earth forever. He only had a litle lantern to light his way and this is why he came to be called Jack-O-Lantern. Of course, the spooks, vampires and ghouls were associated with this holiday because of the natural human fear of death and Samhain was a holiday of death.



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