Those Who are Without

Last night at work, I got to talking with a man who comes to work out regularly. This man, I found is very gifted. Our conversation focused on the occult and mysticism. The strength of this man's aura was incredible. He said he practiced frequent meditation, visualization and other psychic disciplines.

He revealed that his life is in the shambles and pretty much out of his control. He has so much potential and with all this potential, he is down, dejected and depressed as his problems have reached the overwhelming stage.

Regardless of the raw power an individual may have, when one is on their own, he/she will only go so far, and that's it. Talent is useless if one does not know how to apply it, use it, and know how to work to advance it.

Satan gives us all of that. He shows us the way to becoming. Each one of us has unique abilities. Father Satan works with us individually to advance our abilities and gifts and shows us how to use these abilities to transform our lives for the better.

There are many involved in occult studies and disciplines. Only when one makes a sincere commitment to Satan will knowledge and its applications be given to them. We Satanists are much more evolved than the rest.

- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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