One technique Christians have used for centuries is that of mind control. Those who attend Christian services or masses subject themselves to being programmed. One naturally becomes bored and begins mindlessly daydreaming, or even half-nodding off to sleep. This is when one is most susceptible to having their subconscious mind being programmed. This is even worse for in the case of small children and even babies whose minds are open and vulnerable. In colonial times, church masses lasted all day long. The church usher would carry a long steel pole with a ball at the tip to crack those who nodded off on the head. Church attendance was compulsory, resulting in fines or public humiliation such as confinement to the stocks for a specified period of time if one did not comply.

All of this is a conspiracy. The Christian Church masses and services are meant to be boring in order to induce a passive and receptive state of mind where one can be programmed without their knowledge. Those who control the Christian program know all about the mind and how to program the populace. They are nothing but the worst of the worst of criminals. All of this is done deliberately to create a slave state. The slave state is the goal of Christianity.

The Christians who walk around with the pasty artificial smiles as though in a trance are those who continuously subject themselves to this sick indoctrination. More and more church attendance and reinforcement turns them into conditioned robots. This is one reason many who are in the process of breaking away from Christianity have a hard time, and experience confusion and many times fear. People are unaware they are actually being hypnotized. Because in modern times, especially in developed countries, knowledge about the human mind is made readily available, the tactics that the Christian programs have used for so long can be exposed for what they really are: Brainwashing. There is nothing spiritual about Christianity, Islam or related filth.

Studying the truth will eventually result in deprogramming one's mind. The fear, doubt, and confusion will eventually give way to reason.


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