The Truth About "Biblical Prophesy"

I wrote this sermon many years ago, back in 2005. Since then, Satan and Lilith have led me to the truth concerning “Biblical Prophesies.” The truth is utterly shocking. Most of humanity has been under a powerful spell. Followers of the Christian and Muslim programs are so far programmed and indoctrinated that they cannot see the truth and they believe what they are told, unquestioningly. Satanism is very spiritual. “Witchcraft” also known as the powers of the mind and soul is synonymous with Satanism. The Judeo/Christian Bible is nothing more than a very powerful subliminal. The truth is… all of the so-called “prophesies” in the Judeo/Christian Bible are man-made. This is not of “God.” This is why it was so important for the enemy to forcibly remove all spiritual knowledge from the populace. With all spiritual knowledge systematically removed, everyone becomes a slave to those who have and use this knowledge at the top. This is why atheism is so important to the success of communism. The Bible uses numbers because it is a book of witchcraft that is used by the enemy, not the “Word of God.” In addition, there is nothing at all spiritual about the “Holy Bible.” This can be readily seen in the 9-11 tragedy and many so-called “natural disasters.” For more information [which I strongly recommend anyone who visits this webpage to read], PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A SERIES OF ARTICLES THAT PROVE THIS!


I have received a several e-mails, one from a Christian preacher and a few others who lacked knowledge; mostly from Christians who use the predictions in the biblical book of Revelation/Apocalypse as an excuse to adhere to Christianity [Again fear is used, as is the case with all enemy programs]. I posted an article some time ago in regards to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and how for the past 150+ years, they have been predicting “Armageddon” to occur either within the coming year or within the next five or ten years. When they are proven wrong, of course they blame it all on “the Devil” and make other stupid excuses. It really gets to be a pathetic joke.

In truth, we are in the last days of the Age of Pisces and there will be drastic changes. Exactly what these changes will be remains open. The Age of Aquarius will not be upon us though until the middle of the next century.
Now, concerning these prophesies. There have always been earthquakes, famine, pestilences and other natural disasters. Only in the past century, has science such as geology, chemistry and physics advanced to where determinations of the magnitude and epicenter of earthquakes, the intensity of tornadoes and calculations of other natural disasters can be made. With the capabilities of the mass media, it is now possible for these occurrences to be reported worldwide within minutes. 1,000 years ago, a massive earthquake would have only been recorded locally, and would not have been reported around the entire world, as there was no extensive media to report it. Obviously, TV’s, newspapers, and radios did not exist in those times.

Most of these prophesies were written for one reason and one reason only- to create fear in an unknowing humanity, and through that fear, enslave and enforce the obedience of human beings. Biblical prophesies are not based upon clairvoyance on the part of these gods, but upon information. Humanity has been stripped of ancient knowledge due to centuries of Christian control and remains ignorant, falling victim to believing these threatening forecasts. In addition to all of this, many people put their faith in Christianity and Islam because they believe in those prophesies and believe them to be a revelation from "God" and nothing more. They are frightened into believing and are being deceived because they lack the necessary knowledge to see this is all man-made.

Let me explain. Yes, there have been signs in the sky, such as the grand sextile, which has never been seen before in all of recorded history. The grand sextile is a six-pointed star. Its origin is the Hindu “Star of Vishnu.” The Hebrew "Star of David" was stolen from this. The Star of Vishnu predates the "Star of David" by thousands of years. At any rate, when one has knowledge, one can make predictions that have a very high probability of occurring. This is no different from when a Medical Doctor makes a prognosis or when a meteorologist predicts a hurricane’s path because they can see it from satellite images, and where it is heading. Both examples are the result of having enough data, knowledge, and experience.

The same can be said for the Gods. Beings who have a life span of thousands and even millions of years; some like Father Satan and his Demons who are immortal, obviously, have seen much, much more than any human being, given their life span, advanced technology, knowledge and intelligence. They have seen the planetary line-ups, and how the solar systems these have occurred in were affected for thousands of years.
For example, a tight sixty-degree planetary line up [stellium] preceded the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century. This line-up occurred one year before the outbreak of the first major plague in 1348. This same type of line-up also occurred in 1982 and with this AIDS came on the scene. Both of these plagues were major and have taken a multitude of lives.

The Gods mapped out the Ley Lines when they lived on the Earth. This was done in order to accurately predict the magnitude and location of future earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Gods were much more advanced than our present day seismologists are. The information from the Earth grid also provided enough knowledge for accurate prediction of the shifting of the poles and other potentially catastrophic events. These predictions were not based upon clairvoyance, but upon knowledge and ultra-advanced technology.

Christopher Columbus knew of an impending Lunar Eclipse and the date the eclipse would occur. He was taken prisoner by natives on a Caribbean island and obtained his release by stating that he could make the moon disappear. This frightened the natives who knew nothing about eclipses and when they witnessed the disappearance of the moon, they immediately let him go. Remember a lack of knowledge= fear!! Fear= compliance, obedience and eventual enslavement. A lack of knowledge is essential to creating and maintaining a slave state. This is why knowledge is so condemned I the “Holy Bible” and Satan, who represents knowledge is so condemned and blasphemed by the enemy.

An insect who lives only 2-3 months during the summer season will never know winter, but winter occurs anyway. We know this from experience as we have lived through many, many winters. A lot can be done to manipulate the ignorant. Take the truth and mix it up with lies and you will have them believing the lies as well. This is what the enemy has done.

So next time you are faced with some frightened and enslaved Christian who rants and raves about how the apocalyptic predictions are happening, be aware of how and why these were made. Remember, the Christian is taken in by these lies due to a lack of knowledge or just plain stupidity. With enough data and experience, accurate predictions are not hard to make. Add in the lies about Satan and they run to the Nazarene out of fear.

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