Christian Greed:
They Want Your Money
They Want Your Soul
They Want Everything You Have

Money, along with copious amounts of psychic energy [obtained through the belief of followers and their worship], along with the incessant promotion from the Jewish media is keeping the Christian program of lies and insanity going. Don't be fooled by Christian charity. This is a front and truth be known, Christianity creates the problem of poverty by indoctrinating followers into believing poverty is a virtue. This takes a powerful hold subliminally, especially when it is preached in church when many are bored out of their minds and even dozing off. This ensures copious amounts of wealth and power will be in the hands of the Jews. See links at the bottom of this page for more information concerning this.

Do you realize where Satanism would be if we owned radio stations, prime time TV slots, buildings taking up entire city blocks, book stores, printing presses, and publishing houses? [Unbeknownst to many, the Jews control and own 96 percent of the media. In truth, they are the ones who work to promote Christianity]. Satanic truth would have the world in 6 months or less. Most high profile Christian preachers have diamonds dripping off the fingers, a snake skin belt, lizard skin shoes, a $3,000.00 silk suit, along with tennis courts, Olympic size swimming pools in their back "yard," along with a private chauffeur, and a limousine. Many also own $1,000,000.00+ mansions. It's about time these corrupted individuals pay!

Christianity is pushed relentlessly. There are very few, if any alternatives. Any alternatives that are a threat to Christianity [which is actually a program], are viciously attacked, and are vehemently discouraged and suppressed. Money has power. The Christian churches are worth trillions and trillions of dollars. Centuries of tithing, extortion, looting, frightening people into donating their life savings, organized crime, and so forth are the foundations of Christianity. What is done with all this money? It is used for CONTROL.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are the three major programs that control the world, with Judaism being the root and master. The Christian and Muslim programs incite aggressive and violent annihilation of all opposition, in other words...murder. Christian bibles, books, and literature are printed out copiously, and forced upon the public. Christian bookstores are plentiful. Money is never at a shortage for building their places of worship, funding their ministries, televising their evangelists en masse, buying radio stations in order to broadcast their endless stream of lies, and other related programs that work to keep the human populace from true spirituality. Christianity is pushed in prison reform programs, drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs and even worse, the victims of choice are the very young and children. Many Christians ignore the USA separation of Church and State and push this psychological filth on children in public schools. Christians prey upon children relentlessly and more often, do more than just work to indoctrinate them. Many of the worst child abuses, often of a sexual nature have been and are committed by Christians.

The Vatican operates an assassination squad controlled by the Jesuits. In addition to committing physical assassination, the Jesuits also use black magick, the powers of the mind and soul to control and often to eliminate their victims. The Vatican also has one of the largest libraries in the world. For centuries, the Catholic Church has worked aggressively and relentlessly to confiscate all spiritual texts and knowledge of which it has either kept from public circulation or has systematically destroyed. Centuries of spiritual writings are kept under the most strict secrecy and vault-like security, and are only open to a few "trusted" clergy in high positions. It is obvious they have plenty to hide. Did you know that some of these top cardinals and clergy have turned to Lucifer? They know the truth concerning "YHVH" being a fictitious "God." In their studies, they are finding that Lucifer is the True Father and Creator of humanity.

Christians have a history of burning libraries and any knowledge they can get their hands on. Ancient libraries contained knowledge of the truth, the truth of where we really came from, and the truth about the real "Gods" and their relationship to humanity. The level of corruption and lies within the Christian Church is shocking to say the least.

Many people are lost and as a result they are open to the enemy. No matter what we are involved in, it always helps to have guidance and knowledge. Guidance and knowledge have been withheld from many of our people for far too long.

Many who reject the enemy programs find themselves totally alone, with Christianity and its related filth incessantly being forced upon them. They have no support from friends or family, no Satanic Church to attend, and find themselves all alone. They are labeled as being "evil," told they will "burn in Hell," told they are "wrong," "lost," and continually face extreme and fierce opposition, along with Christian Psychic Attack. They are told Satan is "evil," and that he "hates humanity," that he "causes human suffering" and all kinds of other lies, when in truth it is the Christian churches and their false "God" who are to blame.

They just can't leave us alone can they? Unbeknownst to many, the more a Christian becomes involved in the Christian program, the more obsessive and compulsive he/she becomes, as he/she ties into the Christian energy which is programmed by Jews at the to to be forced upon the populace. The Jews feel they have a right to be "God" and to order and command Gentiles. They do this in every area, not only with so-called "religion."

With literally trillions of dollars and power and they still have to keep pushing it. You know, somehow, it's hard to believe we are all so unaware of Christianity. So unaware, that they have to compulsively and continuously attempt to jam it down our throats. Because Christianity is such a ludicrous lie, it has to be reinforced and pushed. This is no different from Jewish communism. Different slogans are used in both… short phrases of blatant lies that are used to brainwash and indoctrinate the populace such as “Jesus loves you” and with communism, “We have nothing to envy”* and many other words that are outright lies.
* This slogan is from communist North Korea where the populace has no electricity, no access to the internet or outside world and where tens of thousands of innocent people have starved to death due to the communist tactic of the artificially induced famine.

In the end, it has been written, the truth will come out. Father Satan is the True God and Father of humanity. The Christians and Muslims all put their energies and worship into Jewish wealth and into the Jewish agenda of enslaving all Gentiles. Christianity is the foundation of and stepping off point for Jewish communism. This is what the entire subliminal message of the Bible really is. The Bible is NOT “the Word of God.”
For further information, please visit this webpage:

The Holy Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft

The Christians and Muslims have been viciously deceived. These programs are the ultimate hoax. Christians and Muslims know nothing of true spirituality, how to advance, defend or save their own souls. They will be helpless victims in the face of nefarious human-hating alien spiritual control.

Their numerous and shameful scandals speak for themselves. Each time a Christian priest or minister says a mass or service, he invokes the Nazarene. The spirit of the Nazarene influences his behavior, which one of the most common is that of pedophilia, as these programs incite followers to prey upon children.
See The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder "YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS" The TRUE God is the LIBERATOR of humanity, the bringer of TRUTH and light.


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