Important Points

I received a personal e-mail today that brought up several important issues that I feel need to be addressed to everyone.

Due to compulsory Christianity in many homes in the USA, Europe, and in many other countries worldwide, most of us come from Christian backgrounds.

Remember, once you make a commitment to Satan, you enter a new life. The past is dead. Don't dwell on your former experiences with past teachings and so-called “religions.” Forget them. Satan accepts you, and he understands. Some people feel because they come from a Christian, even fundamentalist background, or were involved in enemy activities where they blasphemed Satan, that he is angry with them. The most important point here is with Satan, we realize our past error and come to him of our own free will; free from any coercion. We renounce our past, the enemy god and everything connected with him. We renew our lives through Satan. The past is dead- PERIOD.

Another point is often, people expect drastic changes immediately following a commitment ritual to Satan. This does not usually happen. When I did mine several years back, I didn't know what to expect. I expected nothing. I had little to go on and no support or direction whatsoever. I found within two months, Father Satan blessed me with something nice that I did not expect. Be patient. We are all individuals and he rewards us in different ways. Most of these will be subtle to begin with, but over time, you will see where your life has really improved. Those who have no expectations and just go on about their lives will find themselves pleasantly surprised.

All of us get sick or experience problems at times. Everyone has his/her Saturn so to speak. Father Satan looks out for us and gives us the strength and his support to make it through rough times. The longer you are with Satan, the stronger you will become.

I would also like to comment on impatience. Many, especially teens are very hard on themselves and are too self-critical. Becoming an adept does not happen overnight, nor does it happen in a few months. Improvement can be seen when one works on this, but with working a Ouija Board, divining the future or with spirit communication, this takes time. It has taken me over 25 years to master astrology [and I am still learning] and some other disciplines, although I was an atheist for many years and less than committed. Be patient with yourself.

In closing, the planets are really bad concerning world affairs. I strongly encourage everyone to empower yourselves NOW, DO NOT WAIT! Your aura will protect you. Remember, we are NOT those who are without. Don't put this off or wait. Do the opening of the soul exercises and empower your aura/chakras. This builds when done every day and can save you where others fall into lethal circumstances. Always remember, the soul you save is your own and you do this through power meditation, which is spiritual. The transiting planets and Satan’s revelations to those of us who are very close to him have been getting are indeed ominous.

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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